Madame Tussauds Amsterdam faced a small problem, how to entertain people in a more digital and interactive way. Together with brainstorm & concept we created an interactive installation where visitors can virtual play a movie scene with the famous Charlie Chaplin.
That scene is recorded in a video and afterwards you can share it by mail or on Facebook. From the start in 2013, more then 900 videos are shared on weekly basis. Try it out at Madame Tussauds Amsterdam.

Average weekly shared video recordings is around 900. Shared by mail (90%) or shared on Facebook (10%). Every shared video is watched 3 times average. 
The total video recordings at the time of writing (august 2015) is 478.575. From those video's almost 30% are shared (142.859).

Year : 2012
Client : Madame Tussauds Amsterdam + brainstorm & concept