How to involve a party-ready crowd in an openings show for a great dance festival? That was the question from Extrema, the organizers of that festival. Every one has a smartphone nowadays. A smartphone can play sounds, has a flashlight, can vibrate and can display images or colors on the screen. That is exactly what we did, in random order, based on the music and video on the big screens. Watch below how 3000 people experienced the first interactive openingshow ever. 

We did the same trick a few months later with the 100th birthday of PSV, with 35.000 people in a stadium.

Flashlights blinking on the beat of the music.
Based on the time of a webserver, the countdown clock in the app were synced, when you installed the app. So everybody will get the same experience. On the big screen there was also a countdown. No internet connection is required during the show.
Neon light blinking screens of the smartphone.

Year : 2013
Client : Extrema + Plugged Productions